Sunday, January 11, 2015


  • Faramarz Soleimani It was the strange realm of strangers . When Nima presented his case and read his now famous poem: Ay Adamha / O People , for a while he seemed to be speaking in a foreign country, with jokes and laughters , and enmity going against his way by mostly government favorite agents as literary personnels ! 
    This was in 1946 and the sponsor was soviets cultural house in Tehran with a room filled with members of soviet backed Tudeh party who were representing Iranian intellectuals but still unattentive in majority to Nima's hands seeking help in his cause to cure an ailing culture of poetical and cultural process. 
    But this was the beginning of an end , and outside were standing a line of outstanding minds to help and to follow the path of pioneer poet. They were called appropriately: Nimai poets , and their tool: Nimai poetry.
    Faramarz Soleimani's photo.

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