Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Nadine Gordimer, a South African writer with Lithuanian origin ,who won Nobel Prize in 1991 dies at age 90 
She once said :
I am not a political person by nature...I don't suppose , if I have lived elsewhere, my writings would have reflected politics much, if at all.
In an interview of 1994,Gordimer said:
The fact that my books where perceived as being so political was because I lived my life in this society that was so much changed by conflict, by political conflict, which of course in practical terms is human conflict .
Nadine Gordimer who tried to break the silence about Apartheid in South Africa , published her collected non-fiction in 2010 ,with the title of  Telling Times: Writing and Living 1954-2008.
Her first book of short stories , Face to Face, published in 1949 , and her first novel , The lying Days ,in 1953 .Three of her novels have been banned for 12 years and 10 years by South African white government before being released for publication.

Susan Sontag on Nadine Gordimer:
If asked to name a living writer who exemplifies all that a writer can be, I would think immediately of Nadine Gordimer... She has articulated an admirably complex view of the human heart and the contradictions inherent in living in literature and in history.

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