Friday, December 5, 2014


False memory and misremembering , in fact is considered no memory and lacks referential values in art or social dialogue.Ardeshir Mohassess, the Persian prominent cartunist in his six decades of works strived to use precision through his observation and creative memory. History was elemental in Ardeshir's narrative and actually expanded in details through artist's work and modified to an artistic tool
  •  Artists in general are the memory of the people to narrate history and time

    •  The Book of Ardeshir
      Moj Magazine special section to celebrate life and art of Ardeshir Mohassess will continue through 2015/1394 by pix , prose. and poem.

  • Faramarz Soleimani Faramarz Soleimani' The Book of Ardeshir is originally written in New York during visits and interviews with the artist between.7 September 1992 to July 1993 and edited and expanded by telephone talks with additional writings and poetry

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