Saturday, April 19, 2014


from zohreh khaleghi's nude series
Faramarz Soleimani:Hafezesque:Nude Poetry
چون جامه ز تن بر کشد آن مشکین خال 
A black mole graced his face,he stripped and shone
Incomparable in splendor as the moon
He was so slim his heart was visible
As if clear with sluiced a granite stone
(Tr; Dick Davis)
به هواداری ی تن 
تا آتشی به پا کنیم 
جامه هامان را 
به کام 
بر می گیریم 
و می خوانیم 
چون جامه ز تن بر کشد آن مشکین خال

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