Wednesday, August 15, 2012


London and Britain are popular places for the people under pressure by their government such as Iran ,Afghanestan Sudan,as well as Erythrea,Congo,Cameroon.Guinea Ivory Coast and other Asian and African countries
In The London Olympic 2012,This time instead of Cuba or other Latin American countries ,or even Caribbean Islands ,athletes from African countries went missing to seek political asylum,despiete being watched and guarded very closely,which is a standard procedure of countries governed under despots..
Here is a list and the numbers of of some of these athletes or other members of sport delegates missing
 by the end of London Olympic:
Cameroon: 7
Congo : 4
Guinea and Ivory Coast : 3
Erythrea :1
Needless to say that due to disorganized athletic programs in these countries,unfortunately their athletes are not listed as medal holders but still took honor in refusing to return to their homeland occupied by deeply corrupted powers.

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  1. A Congolese friend in an email believes this is more because of economic situation in African countries.