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Litcrit:creative process
انديشورزي و فلسفيدن پارى از شعر و قصه است كه ستون اصلى آن را آفرينش تشكيل مى دهد و آفرينش نظام و سامانه و ماهيتي عاشقانه دارد كه جان و جهان و انسان را سپاس دارد در واقعيت و خيال كه دو روى عمده ى فرايند آفرينش است و همان كه فلسفيدن و خرديدن را پارى از آ ن شمرديم
دفترهاى سيمين

Faramarz Soleimani Levers of thoughts and ideas Kept at hands of creative men and women. Powerhouse of informatic revolution era. Thoughts and ideas are levers

  • Faramarz Soleimani It is nice and fortunate If Jean Paul Sartre writes our life story in a creative work , but one should remind our thinker of 20th century that philosophizing is probably a part of process that creativity is its main stem , and this is combined with love to draw the soul , the world and the human being in poetry , art , and literature

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