Thursday, December 19, 2013


You put in yo in the middle of a debate. and wondering if Olympic is the right place for the rights debate. The whole substance of sport culminating In Olympic events as a goodwill spirit and humanities, and now yo put in yourself on controversy to deny human rights , then denying the debate on human right. Is this right? Ask the great Billie Jean King !
Weather Forecast for.winter Olympic put in Sochi by apolitical I.O. C.It is going to be Politics Pollution like in Beijing, Moscow and Los Angeles Olympics
Winds of Boo and face turning and events in mud

Do not put in yo in fooling position !
If you put in yourself in this mad mad mad world, there are so much Syria, Abkhazia , Chechnya, ... We want Olympic of Love

  • Faramarz Soleimani Mucho Macho around here and all running in Marathon of rancor,hatred ,grudge ,with hands in blood of innocents,shooting,hanging torture and spying.Trying to buy everything with stolen money.When Russia put in herself to give 15 billion Dollars to Ukraine to quiet down the protesters , a Ukrainian politician said:No cheese is free except in mousetrap. The world is in mousetrap now,even for Olympics...We want to recognize human dignity.WE WANT PEACE.

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  1. Jahangir Jon Sedaghatfar Fara jaan; You have done SOOOO MUCH in your fruitful life in many different avenues. I wish you would commence a movement NOW for PEACE and reconciliation and LOVE in the world. Tired, so tired of "kineh" o "setizeh" o " jahl " .