Tuesday, August 30, 2011


schooner tall ship on elizabeth river,norfolk
down from ocean city maryland
on our way to virginia beach
and outer banx,north carolina

Like ocean city,virginia beach and outer Banx,Norfolk,Virginia is a big ship in the water,a city at the sea.An ocean within ocean.
On the water,floating away from Norfolk,there are smaller ships called USS Wisconsin,Spirit,some cruise ships,Riverboat,and Chrysler Museum,plus Nautica moving along,and there are toy boats,as well,riding on the wave with towers,hotels and marina,not to mention statue of tourists,on loan from Chrysler Museum in the waterfront trail,and sailor's farewell with his loved one.
The sunset lights up all  lamps in the harbor with ships and boats crawling in the blue gray water.You hear cars and trucks passing the bridge,and the windows are blinking to you.All there is is waiting and messages in silence.You pull the curtains and hear the night murmuring and palpitating like your heart.
Norfolk is a little folksy port since 1630's.Calm and relaxed despite all the forts and bases .It was the biggest port of U.S. by the time of independence.and 8th largest city .But then New York and other megaports at Atlantic and Pacific Ocean took over and made room for Norfolk's mermaids to arrive and dwell,although not much in the streets anymore,but in cooler and calmer ambiance with men and women sipping on their mojito and marguerita,and wrestling with lobsters and crab legs in Joe's crab shack or elsewhere.
Of course no trip to the area is complete without going to Outer Banx.
Nima took us to Duck,from which we drove to Kill Devil,Behind Wright brothers Memorial to see Ali
and go to Nags Head for Seafooding in Bassinger and his fantastic ship like restaurant to make our night.
And going back to our big ship ,to continue with Virginia Beach
and sun
and sand...
*These notes are taken from spiral notebook # 60,July and August 2011
see more my poems and notes on outer banx,nov 2009,jun 2010

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