Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Painting by Zohreh Khaleghi
O city of the sea
in sea leaves at the hand of lifgt
steering the sun through
veranda of dawn
singing the day
in the blue throat of waves.
O city of sunday
surrounded by moments of surf
savoring in the sands of breeze.
Castles are ruined down
down goes the dreams
but wave survives
in love to sail all the seascape
to the shore
O city of the sea
color my passions!
Four fish jumping
through the window
Birds absorbing blues
by their compass
in breeze of the sands
O sea of magnamity
When you open your glowing eyes to splendor
of life and beauty
where you open your mouth
to speak to it
and windows of your sound
inviting the universe
to share
Uni-verse the soul of life
or after created creativity
in paint and pigmented converted to words
with breezy sounds.
The beach enthusiasts  all are free.They practice softness in manner and simplicity,
but not all friends or enemies and nor frenemies,a culprit ,traitors or companions
more populated genome in contemporary communications or relations learn the simplicity
because their decisions or action,and verbal manner might cause rather irritation
like this sum up above thriving to allude sunscreen and goes under skin to ruin
the house of your body.
O K! Let's be optimistic.You get yor vitamin D by sitting on big lap of the sun,or hug her.You also get tan and can compete in beating pageant,all fit and young enough...
This sliding spreading standing wave
A spice sea
A sea of spice

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