Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I saw AMIR fALLAH,the Iranian American artist on his way back from his art exhibition in Dubai and going to Los Angeles.From the day I wrote a note about his works in Iranian of Washington about 12 years ago to this point on the stretch,Amir came a long way and established himself as an internationally acclaimed artist and publisher .
He recieved BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art and MFA from UCLA .Amir's exhibitions in museums and galleries around United States and internationally in The Third Line and The Sharja Biennal made him a well known artist .In the brochure of this xibit you read:
Amir H. Fallah's work range from painting,drawing,sculpture,all evoking a fresh ,brightly colored aesthetic that addresses a nexus of idiosyncratic topics... He is also the publisher of Beautiful/Decay an internationlly distributed cotemporary arts magazine and Creative Director of Something in the Universe, a design agency/creative thinkthank.
Amir's works appears in other collections including DIFFERENT SAMES,new perspectives in contemporary Iranian art ,edited by Amirsadeghi. Here you find Amir Fallh's paitings and collage with influences of surrealism to motifs of persian classical art.
In this book you may also see works by other young Iranian Artists such as :
NEGAR AHKAMI,KAMBIZ ARAM,SHIRIN NESHAT ,SHIDEH TAMI and...with a foreword on Iran's modern painting from ZIAPOUR ,KAZEMI,SOHRAB SEPEHRI,YEKTAEI to SAGGAKHANEH MOVEMENT of TABATABAI,PILARAM,GHANDRIZ,OVISSI,CHARLES HOSSEIN ZENDERUDI , to MANSOUREH HOOSSEINI,FARIDEH LASHAI,FARAH OSSOULI , post revolution art and arts of Iranian in diaspora which could be discussed in more details as a newer entity...
Back to where we start,you may visit Amir Fallah ,his works and magazine in:


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