Saturday, July 31, 2010

MOHAMMAD NOURI (1308-1389)

mohammad nouri,a major persian musician.

b.Tehran 1308-
d.9 Mordad 1389/31 July 2010,Tehran

He sings
the word
with all his heart
When his body is a song
in the cradle of his throat

When he came to visit,I never asked him to sing.I just played a tape of his songs and he would sit and listen in silence.Once in a retirement party of our poet friend,the late Abbas Sadeghi Pedram,he started singing at no request,and there is a famous story that some rocks busted with his bariton voice and showered the people in that party.The samething happened in Maryam and Ali Dehbashi's wedding party,when bottles and glasses shattered with Nouri's warm voice heard from the other room.
He was very popular between people of different ages and genders and especially became more popular when performed Nima's poems with Fariborz Lachini's music and Ahmad Reza Ahmadi's recital,called dar shab-e sard-e zemesatani / in a cold winter night.
Mohammad Nouri left us,but he left us a treasure of his memorable songs and music.

An incantation with his dreams
an incantation
in  quavering of his throat
a twist
to his look
a cry
on his fingertips
a dizziness of his dreams
the garden
is laying
on his spring throat


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