Tuesday, August 11, 2015


23 August 1937/ 1 Shahriver 1316
10 August 2915/ 19 Mordad 1394
I remember as  a  little kid ,daddy,s bald head with sideway combing on the rest of his hair but one day the family decided to make his hair straight and we were so busy that all of a suudden someone banged on the door and shouted :VACHE BAMU,VACHE BAMU,BABY CAME,BABY CAME,وچه بامو , I thought the lady is talking about daddy's hair = مو while daddy pushed us aside and ran downstairs ,After a short period of time we could hear baby is crying and now the real baby was here .
At that time we lived in a 3rd floor of a  building that the 2nd floor was dad's office,as well as his delivery room, and he was working days and night and a lot of time we shared this successful practice with him,until we moved to a pent house in nearby building and left dad with his VACHE BAMU and later on the hospital he shared in ownership
Daddy Moved to Rasht right away after finishing his residency in Tehran University Medical School,the school he acquired his M.D. and was always so proud off .This was where mom and dad met and decided to get married .As a resident he served in a short time in Baluchestan as a deprived state , as he was so compassionate and wanted to be helpful to those people.he went through heart attach and CABG in Toronto ,and this was when he decided sending Borna and I to torento where we both ended up studying medicine and dentistry respectively in The University of Torento.
But Dad and mom never left us lonely they  were so conscioncious that would call us frequently and come to visit us often as well ,until they decided to spend  half their time in Rasht and the other half in Toronto .Dad always said Toronto is My Sarvbisheh.This ancestral place was a very small village in northern part of Tehran that later on with building of Latian Dam submerged and became an eternal underwater village .Dad would say I hope Toronto is not going to have similar destiny.
There were occasions that I had the opportunity to know my dad much better .one was when he had heart attack at sea side at age 40 where he had to be taken to nearby Rasht Airport,then to Tehran and then to heart centers in North America while leaving us with friends,possibly forever.He was brave and strong and never failed to show us hope and resilience.
When Borna passed away at age 40 we all faced it in eyes with tears and torn dresses, Iraj was the bravest and strongest man of the world and that is what we all want to be today.
As Hakim Omar Khayyam says:
One moment is annihilation's waste
One moment of the well of life to taste
The Stars are setting and the Caravan
Starts for the dawn of nothing-oh,make haste

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