Thursday, March 12, 2015


  •  Our children report card is provided not casually by past generation guardians at home , but by future generation of professional teachers and coaches in school , sport facilities and society they cohabit and live.
    Language is the pillar of communication>

    • Are we toy makers or thinker makers ? At the time of communication revolution are we artifact artists or alchemists? I have seen both kids and grown ups referring to their digital gadgets for informations without much of background ideas to begin with or insights to benefit. Communication and information science is only relevant and produce values if accompanied and mixed with thoughts and ideas . No information is valuable if not mingled with thoughts. In fact lack of background and thinking may make crude and unreliable information misleading . Once after talking about yalda and other Iranian feativities , one of. The audience with his handheld not so smart phone still on announced that : from now on I am going to celebrate Noruz at the beginning of fall. Poor guy was consulting with the old Persian callendar and the old information was challenging him . So as usual the little knowledge was dangerous and still is dangerous even at the time of communication and information revolution with all these gismos available. 
      Be a thinker not a toy !
      Be Alchemist not artifact artist!
      The river always runs
      Through the land 
      Dreaming the skills

      But the alchemy 
      Is the rainbow
      Sometimes left behind
      And the mystery of 
      A new landscape
      Colliding with colors
      A poem by :Faramarz Soleimani:
      Dreaming The Skills

  • Language is the pillar of communication

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