Saturday, January 10, 2015


  • Faramarz Soleimani The process of modern Persian poetry has started within Iranian constitution revolution in 1905 . At that time poets started breaking the lines of traditional poetry and using language of ordinary people in order to be close to them . But cliche still overwhelmed and poets were not able to free themselves fully from these ties and chain . 
    Nima who was born a decade earlier in 1897 was the real child of this era who not only changed the form of poems by expressing what he intended to say , in short and long lines , but the language also was his own by breaking syntax and use of his contemporary jargon , and words like flora and fauna, name of places and people from his birthplace , Yush in Alborz Mountain of Mazandaran Province in northern part of Iran , at Caspian Sea. He even published poems in Tabari or Mazandarani, his mative language , as a part of his collected poems, compiled by his lifelong editor, Sirus Tahbaz.

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