Wednesday, January 14, 2015


New Orleanzee
... And then we decided we'd quit our jobs and have an adventure. So we went to New Orleans. Why New Orleans ? I don't know....
Robert Stone , 1937 - 2015
It was here in New Orleans that Robert Stone wrote his first novel : A Hall of Mirrors , later turned it to a screenplay for the film adaptation of Hall of Mirrors , also received the Faulkner Award for the best first novel of 1967

  • Faramarz Soleimani New Orleanzee: A Hall of Mirrorsتالار آينه ها ى رابرت استون١٩٦٧
    A Hall of Mirrors gave us a picture of the American dream turned nightmare, chronicling the downward spiral of several lost souls who have washed up in the city of New Orleans while giving us a harrowing - and eerily prescient- portrait of right wing demagogy and its pandering to racist fears through the mass media .
    Michiko Kakutani, NYT, 1.12.2015

  • Faramarz Soleimani He once said:
    It's very difficult to be even basically decent ; it is much easier for people to betray themselves than we think it is

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