Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DANCE:Dance is shadows of space

Dance by Matisse
  • Faramarz Soleimani Dance is the curves and exaggeration of the curves engraving in the  ether, for body with sensuality to fly in shadows. and space. Dance is shadows of space
  •  It seems that dance is sculpture in a succession of movements. movements that are complex to make a vivid sculpture more complex in order to mingle with music,another symbol of life with all free and forbidden elements ,to make it human.Because after all life is life when it is humane ,and so is art .By this, dance ,as well as sculpture,like painting is a trial to reach poetry,pure poetry,that is to say,which is not translatable to any other art forms,but is approachable by other art forms to be translated into it .And this is how cinema and opera is born .And this is how the seven arts is born .Translation of untranslatable to make love,and running through it ,to make life.And dance is a good symbol of arts inside out that you may not be born with it, but you can train your soul and body to internalize it to express.That is how Deity of old cultures are all born through dance,and they all dance when they come to real life.Something we miss in our culture but still can enjoy through others .Dance makes otherness a union.union with shadows in space .union within universe.

    •  Dance is the pantomime of music , to materialize its absurdity in movements,while depicting Divine loneliness even performing in two or more. In fact dance is not performance. Dance is a vivacious solitude in shadows of space.
    •  ...and nakedness in full symbolizes nakedness of soul , even in stillness , to bear the drawing of dance

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