Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Moj Magazine presents:
The Book of Ardeshir
Ardeshir Mohassess , the prominent Iranian artist,
cartoonist and caricaturist unveiled his nudes in an exhibition in lower manhattan, 1992 , with his model walking around to supplement the scene. In other occasion he drew Cabaret scenes in between his bitter drawing of contemporary and historic moments of brutality, in form of irony and satire
Faramarz Soleimani Originality in Ardeshir Mohassess vivacious artistic carrier and storied life was the main element to bring about a new generation of cartoonisst and caricaturists of Iran now scattered all around the world of art. And creativity

  •  Before modern time in Iran started 1300/1921 ,satire presented itself mostly in form of words and especially in poetry and prose ,but Ardeshir Mohassess morphed it into drawing and laid it down as a challenge to social and historical orthodoxy,which was not popular among authorities but heavily favorite with people.

  •  Get your pitch forks ready
    Strike hard and
    True. You get them or they get you. 

    Amiri Baraka , 1934-2014
    S O S
    Poems 1961-2013
    Grove Press, 2014

    •  In pain and anguish ,as well as love and affections , these are the artists who always come with remedies and still keep the memories alive,and people as audience always prefer irony and satire to serious matters 

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