Thursday, December 18, 2014


  • Faramarz Soleimani
    كوبا و امريكا در يك واقع بينى مشترك امسال پس از ٥٦ سال شب يلدا را با هم جشن مى گيرند و برك أوباما مى گويد وقت آن است كه زنجير هاى گذشته را پاره كرد

  • Faramarz Soleimani It is time to cut loose from the shackles of the past and give engagement a chance...
    President Barack Obama

  • Faramarz Soleimani By the way what a pretty antique cars to celebrate and party the longest night of the year and Mitra's Birthday , not to mention new American Cuban relationship with Ava Gardner, Ernest Hemingway and other gangs

  • Faramarz Soleimani Yalda , the longest night of the year in a big parking lot of antique cars called : CUBA
    Happy engagement
    CastrObama !

  • Faramarz Soleimani Feliz historico intercbio EEUU-Cuba

  • Faramarz Soleimani After 50 years of threat and paralysis , it is like a long stent to remove a large blood clot. To treat a stroke . see more : New England Journal of Medicine , December 2014

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