Thursday, December 18, 2014


  • Faramarz Soleimani In abstract art, either in words , paints, or other elements , pieces and motifs escape to come close and mingle . That is the nature of abstraction to be in harmony while independent. But abractionist artists like Zohreh , in command of their art , will not be intimidated by nature and the nature of abstraction , and harmonize them in an intimate move to become a part of that movement. By this He/she is a part of art work and a motif by its sense and substance . Reality is hidden behind abstraction as isolated but engaging without distorting it . And this is abstraction who converts reality to abstract work. Reality now enjoys using technology and specially informatic technology by all means . Abstraction on the other hand is using that technology as well as as reality in a workshop called mind , with an audacious modern tool of creativity. Saying all these , in fact I am trying to explain my expectations from our artist Zohreh Khaleghi to dedicate more time and effort to the vast sphere of her abstraction creation. As after all creation is an act of abstraction.

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