Monday, December 22, 2014

6 ROYAGARDANI:شاعران مى رقصند...

Faramarz Soleimani
شاعران مى رقصند...
در اين دنياى جنگ و شكنجه و بيزارى 
شاعران تنها از مرگ نمى گويند

زيرا كه عشق
جان آدمى را سرشار كرده است 
شاعران هم مى رقصند
The poets dance
In this world of war and torture and hatred
The poets are not speaking only of death
As love
Charges our soul
The poets too
The two poets Maya Angelou and Amiri Baraka are dancing on the ashes of poet Langston Hughes in Harlem, New York in 1991
Img: Chester Higgins Jr./ The New York Times
Faramarz Soleimani's photo.

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