Thursday, November 20, 2014


In Tristan's birthday on November 22,with Tristan and Skylar
-So , what is the deal in the year 15, Tristan?
-Raise the bar.
-What is the deal in the year13, Skylar?
- Raise the bar.
So far then we are not going to sit back and just settle to watch what is going on .We are planning a tougher and richer life by more learning and vaster open our eyes wider and wider.
-Is this a grandpa type of advice or insight,Tristan asks.
Even if that's so ,I say, it is a grandpa advice to himself for insight,but some people might be eavesdropping,as well.And then comes the reality of practice by choice.the choice is the word and with that comes the hope for change.But these are the words and we look for their meaning in action.
- Where is the bar then, Skylar asks.
It keeps raising,I guess...I guessed !
And the game goes on with Q&A

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