Monday, October 20, 2014


No disease is a killer
But men
And women are
Faramarz Spleimani: listening to history at the time of Ebola
هيچ بيمارى كشنده نيست جز مردان و زنان
فرامرز سليمانى: گوش سپارى به تاريخ در عصر ايبولا

The people of the world are killing the people of the world , and we all cheer but have no fear . - FS
 Ebola is sporadic killer of being... Men and women are mass killers of human being
FS: listening to history @ the time of Ebola
Ebola strikes Liberia, Sierra Leone , Guinea and some hidden lands across porous borders and make a visit to Europe, Dallas, Mississippi ... And we the killers are dancing on bodies and digging mass graves while cheer with no fear
FS: listening to history at the time of Ebola

 It is disheartening that Ebola is so rampant in West Africa and attacking 70 per cent of Sierra Leonians to kill thousands of them. Ebola too deserves medals like those dictators of the mad mad mad world !
FS: Listening to history at the time of Ebola

i Do not forget that
No disease is a killer but men and women
You do not need GPS to find your way

Just listen to history
At the time of Ebola

Like black plague of Medieval spaniard Jews or smallpox of conquistadors as gift of Europeans for American civilizations , or AIDS of modern era, Ebola raised against humanity , but humanity erases humanity as a big killer . Just listen to history around you at the time of Ebola

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