Friday, August 29, 2014


  • From the beginning men and women were looking to define being...and men and women were the definition of being in real life and dreams .. And this was how the being began...and this was how pain and sorrow rooted deep in us, with life in short and in the eternity of being... -FS
    HAFEZ a prominent persian poet, a k a Rend Shiraz says it is all being , and being is nothing eternal as it ends up to leaving...and the wind blows into the ashes 
    Being starts before being and that pure amber is not to stay nor nor fire, and fire couples with rain and becomes death in a companion from inside mother's womb to mother earth's womb.
    Then appears my pale face and the dirt at the lover's doorway to say that 
    bring over wine and forget the sorrows.
    Oblivion as a key word is that moment sweeping all the sorrows ,
     and denies the ever presence of death to be free .
    Still love is that freedom as
    Up there 
    Someone likes me 
    Down there
    Hafez of August 25
    In one translation
    The dreams we share of freedom
    The dreams we share of love
    There is such a unison in our every 
    Moment in our every desire
    We are so alike that I can not tell the 
    difference anymore between us .
    I could walk into my house
    and feel at home
    Because you have arranged everything
    Just the way I would

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