Sunday, August 17, 2014


Arms in the shape of words
Zohreh Khaleghi PoemPainting w translation by Faramarz Soleimani

آغوش ها
به شکل واژه در می آیند
دل ها
نلرزیده می افتند
خیال ها
بی خاطره خاموش می شوند
و لب ها
سکوت را زنده می کنند
می ترسم
می ترسم از شبی که دیگر
خلوتش خواستنی نباشد
زهره خالقی

  • Faramarz Soleimani Arms
    in the shape of words

    Falling without shaking
    Silenced with no memories
    And lips reviving the silence
    I am afraid
    I am afraid of the night
    Its solitude is not desired
  • Faramarz Soleimani Is this the solitude of words that are not desired or the solitude itself? And the arms are doubtful in the shape of words or just the words? Scare and skepticism are shaped in this poem by words to be scared and skeptical of words itself , and that is how the poem and even painting are formed. Form is the poem and art.form is even in translation, an unusual form in position of meddling the other forms to pretend a new product. Sort of !
    F. S.

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