Monday, June 30, 2014


Zohreh Khaleghi,Poet and Artist
من انعکاس تو هستم
بی هیچ تردید
می رویم تا آنجا که دریا چشم به راه ماست
و نخستین تعبیر درست خواب ما
همین دوستت دارم
زهره خالقی

Faramarz Soleimani I am your reflection
Without doubt
We will reach where the sea is expecting us

And the first right interpretation of our dream
Is this "I love you"
Tr; F.S.

Faramarz Soleimani Far reaching sea as reflection of voice and image to expect to see us in her dreams like its interpretation. The sea is interpretation and the voice in loud repeats love. Love is what occurs in dream and in reality of the sea. An image and a reflection occurring and recurring in perpetual wave. The whole poem circles. It is a wave circle in aphorism.-F.S.
Faramarz Soleimani I am your reflection without doubt. Without doubt as being you or without doubt as reflection. This ambiguity brings doubt about to challenge that doubtless expression. A wave circle within a wave circle. And this is that I love you, again

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