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This is a selection of poems published during 1340's-1350's/1960's-1970's in Persian Media, in which  by one estimate the number of poets presented their works were counted up to 300.What we have considered for this publication went through criticism of time and or were part of movements and currents of that time.By this, poems of New Wave and Poetry of Space or Volume in one hand ,and Poetry of Other / Other Poetry, and Pure Wave have been on the prominent points of interest.
With the passion of Constitutional Movement ,persian poetry of the past one thousand years went under questions and newer forms of poetry took over by poets in media,as the poets felt to be among the people and their simple words.
Nima as father and founder of New Poetry ,among others, attacked the traditional and constitutional poetry and broke their rules and regulations, as he considered them a dead poetry, by his own words.First he removed the symmetric and limited form of poems and relieved it from classical rhymes   at the end of each line,and then brought a new life,an earthly life for it.Nima was fully familiar with persian classical poetry.He was also trained in french language and aware its literature and movements of 20th century .In his long research for critical insights and wisdom ,Nima started to write New Poetry,now better called POETRY,and by that attracted the younger generation as his followers to practice that with him, in his long manifestoesque poem : Afsaneh,1301/1922.His silence after Afsaneh and other poems,did not silence the New Poetry ,now armed with critical points and dots,phrased as Nimaism.In a come back like Phenix he wrote Ghoghnus/Phoenix in 1316/1937and continued his works uphill through until his death in 1338/1960,while a long line of younger poets now overwhelmed the new image of our contemporary poetry.
Hushang Irani in these decades brought about his emotions to New Poetry in his literary magazine called: Khorus Jangi/ Fighting Cock  ,and could very well be considered the first post-Nimai poet. Irani wrote a manifesto to explain and express his viewpoints on totally refusing the old concept of poetry and its limiting rules
In 1340's/1960's still a new movement and poetical vision and language appeared and called New Wave by Fereidun Rahnema, adopted from New Wave/Nouvelle Vague of French Cinema in 1360's,in which the glass ghost of Sohrab Sepehri is considered as a gate opener followed by Ahmad Reza Ahmadi,Mohamad Ali Sepanlu,Mohamad Reza Aslani,Shahram Shahrokhtash,Mohamad Reza Feshahi.Mehrdad Samadi and Esmail Nuriala as theoritititian and practitioner of this new concept that put emphasis on newer composition away from social responsibilities ,which was another common form of poetry of those years, lacking ambiguity of New Wave Poetry...They took over the pages of Ferdosi weekly as their platform
During these years ,Forugh Farokhzad with her bold modern poetry stepped up to find her voice and other women's in a men dominated society ,with her original poems,at time verry politicized.Ahmad Shamlu also continued to write his rhythmless poems and a part of New Wave poets started publishing their poems in a collection called the Other Poetry or Poetry of Other who years later ,retrospectively were called by this name.These were listed as Bahram Ardabili,Bijan Elahi,Majid Forutan,Hushang Chalangi,...whose poems were not much different from original New Wave except for more complexity in diction and absolute lack of social voice.The other branch bourgeoning from New Wave in 1348/1969 was Poetry of Space or Espacemantalism,pioneered by Yadolah Royai who wrote a manifesto for it , much inspired by Hushang Irani and Shahins of Tondar Kia,not to mention New Wave principles,in there  attracted some signatures ,not only amongst  poets but by prose writers,cinematographers and so on...These were Parviz Eslampur, Mahmud Honarvar Shojai,Bahram Ardabili, Firuz Naji, Mohamad Reza Aslani, Yadolah Royai, Hushang Azadivar,Basir Nasibi,...
Pure Wave ,sometimes erroneosly or arbitrily called Pure Poetry arrived on the scene of Contemporary Persian Poetry as the last branch of Post-Nimai Poetry before revolution in 1350's/1970'sThis denomination by Manuchehr Atashi,the poet and critic gathered poems like Faramarz Soleimani,Firuzeh Mizani , Hormoz Alipur and some younger poets of Masjed Soleimani  such as Aria Ariapur/Hamid Karimpur,Sirus Radmanesh,Seyed Ali Salehi,Yarmohamad Asadpur,among others together,Some long parted their way and some still faithful to this new post-Nimai poetry attracting younger poets ,with purified language away from longer lines of New Wave poetry or all-for-form approah of Poetry of Space.
1340's-1350's somehow is covered by these pioneering,artful,socio-political discourses,at times spiritual,metaphysical and Dervishesque mentality,denigrated by drugs,painting an era of Nima and post Nimai movement,sometimes desperate and in defeat ,but still clearvoyant and hopeful,to deny immitation of old fashion recurrent poetry and thriving to discover new horizons, lending its heritage and tradition to younger post revolutionary movements such as the Third Wave of Contemporary Persian Poetry in 1360's/1980's and poetry of the decates afterwards to complete the picture of our poetry in present century
Dr. Faramarz Soleimani
Editor-In-Chief,Moj Magazine
امضا و شناسه انگلیسی کتاب
Book's name:...
A selection of Persian Poetry 1340's-1350's / 1960's - 1970's
By: Hamid Sharif Nia and ...
Publisher..., Tehran, 1393

برای وارتان سالاخانیان
مرگ « نازلی »
« - نازلی ! بهار خنده زد و ارغوان شکفت . 
درخانه ، زیر پنجره گل داد یاس پیر .
دست از گمان بدار !
با مرگ نحس پنجه میفکن !
بودن به از نبود شدن ، خاصه در بهار ...»
نازلی سخن نگفت ،
دندان خشم برجگر خسته بست و رفت .
« - نازلی ! سخن بگو !
مرغ سکوت ، جوجه ی مرگی فجیع را
درآشیان به بیضه نشسته است ! »
نازلی سخن نگفت ،
چو خورشید
از تیرگی برآمد و در خون نشست و رفت .
نازلی سخن نگفت
نازلی ستاره بود ؛
یک دم درین ظلام درخشید و جست و رفت .
نازلی سخن نگفت
نازلی بنفشه بود :
گل داد و
مژده داد : «زمستان شکست ! »
از دفتر هوای تازه1333

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