Thursday, May 22, 2014


Happy Asian American Heritage Month...From Bering Strait& Kamchatka Peninsula to Formosa , China, Japan, Korea,Vietnam, to India Subcontinent, Iran and her previous states all ending in ...Stan, like Afghanestan , Tajikestan,Etc... to Arabs and finally Turkey before hopping across into Europe, they are all called Asia.
If by the word Asian, you mean Oriental or Yellow race , this is a misnomer and the Orientalists who arbitrated this are deeply wrong and a bunch of ignorants. I suspect this was not due to lack of histoico- geographical knowledge and or little knowledge of language, but also a decision already made before their excursion.
Little knowledge as al ways is dangerous
Happy All Asian American month
Middle East, what Middle East? Middle or far or near to where? And now you read about Northern African countries all the way to Morocco, as Middle East ?!
Can a professor of geography stand up and clear the way, please ?!

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