Friday, December 27, 2013


Art from Zohreh Khaleghi
Z Gallery
Nudes are magic and magnificent
They are up close and faraway
From torso to thigh  
to toes
Veiled and uncovered
Like a glaze on painting
Lonely and running
Dry and swimming in the air
Mary go round in quadriptych 
'cause sex is a navel in 4 chapters
Or four acts 
In a short poem
It happens in your gaze
When you raise your hands
Holding your body tight
Trying to tie your tresses
Expose your navel
Smile or scold
Let the light going through you
Or you enlighten it 
So see is an act or
Event or verb
Sex is to do 
Sex is magic and magnificent 
Like Southern live oaks
Making love with 
Southern white oaks
While the woods are watching 
I was talking about 
Nudes up close 
Surfing with 
Nude waves 
Wasn't I ?! 

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