Sunday, December 30, 2012


In my American hometown , New York,New York
I grew up with Broadway Joe's Jets 
And Tuna's Giants.
We were always champs 
Or a contender.
But then 20 years in Washington,D.C.,
We only went to playoffs once 
With Brad Johnson and Norv Turner
And we lost. 
Now in Redskins Country 
With General RG III
In command 
Twice we beat Dallass(I mean Dallas) 
To be head of NE Division 
And going to playoffs
It is all because of me
I know- 
Who moved to New Orleans 
To be with Saints
A looser this season
But with lots of hopes
For next season.
Hope is not going to be like in D.C.
during the last 20 years 
And wish lots of luck for Rookie of the Year
General RG III

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