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پرسش: آیا بعد از پیدایش عکاسی، سینما و غیره هنوز هم ترسیم فیگور ممکن هست یا نه؟
پیکاسو: به نظر من این کار تنها در این زمان میسر است. چون حالا دست‌کم همه‌ی آن چیزهایی را که نقاشی نیستند می‌شناسیم.
In a happy sunday and in cool weather I went to see Picasso for the last day of his exhibition in Virginia Museum of Fine Arts,Richmond.From The Ritz Carlton of Crystal City to VMFA thru I-95 this trip  took  1.5 hours .
Pablo as usual was waiting there in the basement hall  with a smile.
On the road,while passing thru highways interchange or mixing bowl,I found it more Picassoesque,with cubes against landscape and still going with it.I might have seen more cubes on my way ,against realities of nature that I overlooked ,but one can not overlook Picasso's cubes in his exhibition.
Passing Central Park in the middle of highway is a good reminescent of New York and the fact that VMFA beat MOMA  to bring this show to Va rather than NYC,and present it to art lovers.
In Richmond and Richmond University area,from Boulvard Street we turned to a row of magnolias.I thought I lost my white tale bunny last year, when our crowned pine tree fell to storm ,but now I found her inside the museum,looking for wild violets in my side wave garden.
Picasso of blue period looks in command of line and colors.Now that I am in realm of Picasso ,in his final call of happy sunday 5.15 ,I fill  I can claim this.This is a precubist period with blue in blue,and etchings and the head of Le Feu(Jester) with delicious NU CROISSANT,and then there were his self portraits,ending with study of self portraits(1906),more in monochromic tone.
Man with a guitar is a symphony of dots,lines and cubes,again with that Spanish tendency of artist to express it monochromic.Lines here are more diagonal with lighter tones,cymbals sound and dark sounds are in distance.Here calligraphy starting to show up in upper corner ,and may be that is what he is playing, with all his heart.
In Guernica my heart was tightening from fear of loneliness.It was all pains and sufferings of loneliness.Guernica is all distortion,disfiguring,dismemberment and dismantling of human souls in brutal war..He continues with skulls,naked or covered,bird who is caged in sharp teeth,men against men,bodies in front of arms.And love is missing.Back in Guernica extended hands and heads in rage or tears, hawl of human,eyes in disbelief,sweat and blood in dried up drops,night overwhelming,teeth in hatred,,...and love is missing.
Even Picasso's Acrobat was in pain with his hyperextended body ,and so to some degree:Kiss(Le Baiser),but Monument of poet,Guillaume Apolinaire was monumental,with lines and dots,triangles,half circles and cubes.The head of a woman appeared more in bright white and red,and in Reclining nude they turned blue,green ,red...and Matador behind a colmnn with his bloody sharp sword was threatening again,now that the world is nemesis of soul,and then Man is playing guitar for a reclining woma with dots and lines and spheres to mix...
Everybody in the world came to Picasso on his last day, to say farewell to him. I do the same.and add :
see you in Paris , Picasso and in your beloved Spain.
And he repeats:
Quand je n'ai pas de bleu je mais du rouge.
J'ai mis toute ma vie a savoir dessiner comme une enfant.
Je ne cherche pas  je trouve
Les autres parlent  moi je travaille/
While other talk,I work
When I am not blue,I use red .
I don't seek,I find.
It took my whole life to learn to draw like a child.
A friend who just came back from visiting African Arts,said : I saw Picasso there .and we noticed African Arts were in Picasso show too.
We sat in the sun with Picasso.Jasmine tea tasted so delicious with home made chilli.Then wrote a postcard of Dora,Picasso's love, to mine...and the sun was wandering in veranda by the pool,reflecting lavander,yellow and white iris,and two oak trees standing by ,gay and green.Jun Kaneko's Untitled stone art was meditating on the grass.I bought painters brush pen for my kidsss.Then we went to Carytown to seal our visit of the good son of Malaga,now a good son of Richmond.My spiral notebook#56 reached the last pages,I bought a new one with a vase on the cover and 5 colorful fresh flowers.And then at the end in Ice cream parlor I got a peachy peach sorbet,as mango was finished and finally came to street and took a picture,saying:

(but,there are some more to come as addendum)

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