Sunday, May 15, 2011


Zealots of swollen Mississippi
living in Cajun Swamps
and or big ccrescent
by the river.
Small flood looks like big flood
at floodgates and spillways
catering Katrina who fled
zealously zealots
who are ready to beat
the river rage
with lost rhythm.
Or romancing the river
when she is looking for tart words.
We are awakened and alive
by hedonistic life of kindness
and Mardi Gras-ing.
Friends are always friends
till they flood ,
and Moody Mississippi
is our floody friend
coming along in flairs and flames.
She is a sequel.
She gets the sequel.
In Crescent City
Charisma always stirring up
the Gulf and river.
It is a river of rage and huricane.
Residents and visitors are welcome!

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