Monday, April 25, 2011


Garlic and Dr Pepper
On a table with a cheezy oyster plate
a la French-Italian.
How did you see the man
Who was moving gigantic chess pieces
In his arms
While playing in the sun and shadows?
He is holding the book
In his hands
On the stage,
Reading the lines of a play
In the dark.
He returns
To find his love
Of the ages
In th dark.
Sitting on the beach
His tears wiping out his mask
For his loneliness to indulge.
He is walking
To downtowns of a brutal world
Encircled by rogues
looking for concubines
to look after them.
He is squatting
With his crossed legs
His hands holding his weary knees
His sombrero down to his chest.
His chest pounding
And he is asking question without saying it
While falling sound asleep.
Passerbys do not understand him
He does not understand her.
No one stares at no one
Silence is to ensure their dreams do not break.
Garlic and Dr. Pepper
On living table.
Someone buring in kitchen
When sun playing with shadow
On the shoulders of  wave
In crowds of Cafe Europe
Or orient.
Arms and shoulders out of the sands
Taking visitors
Who stop to picture
 The seaman holding his love, tight
And a kid sobbing.
She looked at the scallop shells
While she was shelled and
Broke one day
Then the wind took her away
To the sea.
She overcame storms and fire
And returned angry
To fall in love.
Kids are sobbing
Holding seaman
Who returns from the sea
Or just about leaving the land.
Dr pepper is lonely
Lonley is garlic,
And cheezy oysters
With mussels
And clams
On a table
.On the day of wine and roses

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