Monday, April 25, 2011


images and blography by moj and venus
و ساکت ساکت تو در سکوت
آوازی تازه می شود
در فریاد
در ابر ها رفتیم
در جانب اطلسی و آزالیا
زمین و زمانه در ما پنهان شد
دو صندلی خالی
به انتظاری طولانی
کسی نمی داند آن جا چه اتفاقی افتاده ست
هزار ستاره بر خانه های شطرنجی شب
تنها یک ستاره
بامداد را می وزد
سوای پرده ی زنگاری شب 
ستا ره سحری 
در آغوش آفتاب  

A sea in flames
Does not forget a sea i flames
A bloody wave afterthoughts
Birthday cake so sad
Green cover in one side
Pieces of sweet sitting lonely
Two pieces of dark chocolate
In two pieces of dark chocolate
Challenging dark lips
A time of lavander and
Orange blossoms
A taste of memories
Peak is where
You pick yourself
To stay in flames
Zhivago on trail
A hidden scent of a journey
Splendor of purple
A long journey after a long journey
The earth is always watching
For her children
It is a style of life
Who one day arrives in the fog
To lighten morning sky
Hitting the wall
To reflect hitting the wall
Wave at heaven's mouth
Lichen on the rock
Rock like stoe flower
Hidden roots of shadow

I call words when there are words to call.I know they are around but hidden,unwilling to liberate.They know I am around but silent,unwilling to liberate.If they want to change ,and if thy are already changed before they change,I'm already changed before I change.But at the end of the day,they are words and I love them forever,whilst in hidden realm or silence,but in existence,as I wish to be with them,if I'm outside or in,in unison.
I embrace words, who are rebels,rebels in me before logic arrives when logic arrives we are old revolutionaries,surrended to routines of daily life.Real rebels have no routines.It gets your skin cold and clammy.
I hear words calling silence.

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