Thursday, April 28, 2011


francis bacon's crucify
d.28 April 1992
Francis Bacon,master of distortion,enclosing and encasing his subjects,and inventor of tryptichs or three panel forms,was born in Dublin and lived in London,Berlin and Paris.His figures are contemporary and depict the angst of the world and its people.His accidental paint on canvas also are a matter of confusion of human beings in context of present daily life,
Bacon once said:
"I myself and the life I've lived happen to be more profoundly curious than the work.Then sometimes when I think about it I'd prefer everything about my life to blow up after I die and dissappear."
Is Bacon talking about us or on behalf of us,and are we the people of war era and clash of cultures ,who confusingly appear in his canvas with our masks of indicisions and chaos?

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