Tuesday, March 29, 2011


seurat/van gogh/goya,blography by: moj
I am trying to find some bridges between Seura,Van Gogh and Goya,by comparing the facts of their life and their works.Seurat(d.29 March 1891)like Van Gogh(b.30 March 1853) left this world before reaching 40,but worked feverishly to make up for his short life.Van Gogh did so to fill his short life with masterpieces,and of course: Gauguin!
Goya (b.30 March 1746) arguably pioneered the modern time of painting by his dark genious,during his long life.He impressed impressionists like Van Gogh and especially his predecessor,and other pioneer of modern painting:Cezanne.This was through reality of revolution,war ,terror,chaos and despair in Goya's works,as paradigms of then,and modern time to come.
By these accounts,no matter in their short or long life,when they either were born or died these days,they have prophetically draw the turmoil,tumult and tsunami of this day and age.They were ahead of time in their minds and cretivities,as well as their vision and search.
Nowadays ,that is why ,if we open the papers or watch TV, we can see oeuvres of Seurat,Van Gogh,Goya,live from everywere in this dark world.


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