Tuesday, March 29, 2011


sun sojourn in poetry and prose
Once upon a time there was a red fish jumping into the ocean that Fereydoun Hoveyda caught,or got caught and carried away,as you may see in the red paper collage on the top of this page.Now red pineapple swimming in red fountain,not on the beaches but at dawn,and...
Red petunia turning pink
Red fluid silver of
Red gypsy moon,that we pass thru all.
Red collage was nice but broke
We did not want to come back
Red mill wheel
going round and round like roller coaster or
Moulin Rouge
in Tehran or Paris
and or Toluse Lautrec!
In latitude 29  53  19 N
and longitude 81  18  28 W
to prevent ET IMPUTATUR

Times and again
we passed by
St Augustine   Cathedral Basilica
America's first red parrish
Founded September 8,1565
The oldest of the oldest town and in U.S.
And while answering
I found myself again
in old town's historic district
Red sun was going down and red roofs again redder and red towers became shadows with red dolphins,but not nasty,and hello in red.Not Lionel Richie's or Andy Williams'
No digital device!
As usual in my trips I did not take any electronic equippment with me,although Leila's Lazer Light really tempted me to buy one.The lady from Fez,Morocco with a sweet French Accent,as she called it FRENSH
played the seductive device,not on us but on the wall and backyard garden,to rainbow inside outside with the voice of Enrico Macias of our younger years,coming through a little Bose system,with the grandeur of a Bose system,and putting on a big show in Old Town
Still I said to myself:NO  EL ECTRONICS ON THE ROAD! and continued our way,with red coke discovered everywhere,not to mention this bariton voiced guy from some church ,who tried to convert me
with his two pray-ready companions,and gave me a biblet from Bible to study,without knowing that I already read the whole thing in farsi and english,or oh in french(frensh) as well,Old one and New,as a piece of literature,and I truely enjoyed.

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