Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Poetry & Prose
Red roofs
Red towers
Red tiles
Red train station
Red carriage  red pony  red horse
Red lion bridge,or bridge of lion
 to match with Ponce de Leon,
 the red conquistador!
Red coquina of shellrocks
for Castillo
to stand against red shells
Red basket of dawn
Red people sitting in
Red New Orleans Quarter
sipping on
Red Irish Ale
Red meehan's pub
Red Ponce de Leon,who
when landed in Florida
did not think this is
Red India
Red blackened fish
Red resturant
at the bayfront
Red horizon
Red whistles of boats and
pirates ships passing
Red draw bridge
Young students are coming and going in red bazaar of old town,like
Red Indians of Mrchee des Enfants Rouge
Red conquistadors of
Red Phillip II
Red cross standing by
tall at the bay
I went to post office and ask the lady in red for
Red stamps
to send my digi-postcards
she said GO TO GOOGLE!
Red drunkards of late night
and early morning
when the bridge of lions draws
It sounds like the lion bridge draws
Red sound of something passing by
And blue jay singing mad
in love,may be
singing red
Red sands
on the beach of
blue blue Atlantic Ocean

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