Tuesday, March 29, 2011


bridge of lions,sounds like ponce de leon/puente de leon,inst.augustine,florida
When we woke up with the sound of boats,yachts,cruise and tall ships,Liz Taylor was gone with her red diamond.I place her in a red place in the sun,if not in the red hot tin roof...
Aviles alley of arts from red Cordova to red Sevilla of Lorca,Velasquez and my friend Rahim is right behind our place,in St.Augustine,to visit today.
Y Viva Espana
who offered St Augustine to the world
with Flagler Colledge and lightner museum red roofs and towers
Ex Nihilo/out of nothing

Ex Nihilo,maquette sculpture by Ferederick Hart

 Red draw of bridge constantly carrying halos over the ocean waves,to steal their beauties of last shadow out of red train in streets of St.Augustine...
We stopped by SECOND READ BOOKS,in historic district,by the old red furnace in Cordova Street.It was not for trade or sell but to see how it works and pays off.The lady in bookstore was not so happy,and we did not expect more.But she was in love with books ,and when you are in love with books,you are in love with books.Who cares for sale and pay off and taxes and rent?! I told her,we in Virginia Beach  know a guy ,another book lover,who keeps moving around with his bookshop and business,but never closes it.I also asked her about poetry section and she showed me a collection of Irish Poetry,that I had,she then looked for a collection of Langston Hughes , and I informed her I had that one too.We promissed to go back to visit her,but never made it.Probably next time if she 's still there,and we too.
In red geometry of a flying naked woman,we met Tuan Nguo,born 1963 in Vietnam.We saw his works not in Heisler Park of Laguna Beach,Ca;or Orlando Fl.but right here in St Augustine.I specially liked his Zephyr,who was flying passionately in the wind-Wind of Saba-and eloquantly in motion,sounding ZZZZZ...

Zephyr ,by Tuan
Like most South Asian artists ,Tuan takes spirtual motifs to his works,and the sound he listens to his body and opens up to his feelings.He is very receptive to spirituality,as he lost what he had with the past and reached to a new personal level of mind and mentality,to inspire him,and helping in delivering art.
With Samantha we made a tour in Galleria del Mar's sculpture Garden ,as well as inside the small gallery ,which is a part of three shops for Love's art dealership,with quite knowledgeable and amicable staffs

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