Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is a marina feeling
going and going
when little bells
ringing loud
in lonely landing alleys
of fog

No one goes high up
to fall hard in here

Red pine trees comig from sunset.
Deers and men
hidden in the wet reed bush.
Lonely boats
and waves in red and white
turning white and red
with the night.
Shadows of flags in the wind
sound like windpipe.
Old boardwalk squicky in fear
Sound of golfers carts
in Copiem sound.
Enduring nature
away from decadence.
Captain sitting
behind the window
sipping slowly of night
in marina.
No one goes too high up
to fall hard in here.
Seal at the sea
with spanish moss.
We have breakfast with marina
every morning
before night falls
in marina.
It is a marina feeling.

Albermale Plantation
Oct 2010

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