Thursday, September 23, 2010


"I am writing these quick lines for my memoirs only three days after the unspeakable events took my great comrade,President Allende, to his death"Neruda who dies a few days later on September 23.1973,in his memoirs continues..."His assassination was hushed up,he was buried secretly and only his widow was allowed to accompany that immortal body."
"In the beginning days of boot clad dictators in Chile and their curfew, Pablo Neruda's coffin,covered with red carnations was followed by a big crowd.He was burried in Santiago public cemetery while people were shouting two poets names:PABLO NERUDA AND VICTOR JARA,and ironically army officers and soldiers were following them too.For the tenth anniversary of poet's death  on 22 october 1983,artists of the world contributed to "CHILE SALUTES HER POET" or sent messages for this program,and twenty years after poet's death,the general is still there,but people elected their own government.On the thirthieth anniversary,general is disabled sitting at home,and now after 37 years he is gone too.
.. and the voice of the world belongs to people.
OTHER POEMS,Ajineh,Gorgan,Iran,Introduction II,pp59-60,in Farsi/Persian

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