Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Tonight is the night of that unending wealth
It is not night,it is the wedding of gracefuls
That kind pair chanting in unison
Tonight is the night of journey of beautifuls
Your sound is our favorite
So eloquent and content,day and night
If your sound is weary,we are weary
Let your sound be always like sugar reed
There was no intimate but love for me
Not the first nor the last or beginning for me
The soul calling me from inside for me
Don't be hesitant of love,open the door for me
If you are all self,come out of yourself
Leave the stream and side with Oxus
As you bear the sphere
Circle up to the top of sphere
My heart is living for your sorrow
Stranger with people and intimate with your sorrow
your grace of sorrow be it not to my heart
but so lonely your sorrow won't fit
I thought of you when enchanted
I threw Saghi's glasses to break
Frenzy now,not sober nor drunk
but rumor says I am insane
Not that flowing stream won't wish fish
Not that fish won't wish flowing stream
Not that the soul of the world is weary of lovers
Not that lovers won't wish the soul of the world.
I said to you Saghi to bring straight wine
That wine who makes the living free
You said there will be wind in this sphere
Till it reaches here,pour more wine
Don't let it be without whispering for our ear's secrets
Don't let it be without lover's face for our eyes
Don't let it be without reed flute and wine for our feast
Don't let it be a breath without yours,o lover!
Who said the eternal living is dead
Who said the sun of hope is dead
That enemy of sun climbed to the roof
Closed both eyes and claimed the sun is dead..
We are lovers up and down
of our lover is the world  up and down
of up and down our king came out pure
And up and down came one in the search
She came here but never left
This stream never been waterless
Is she bag of musk ,and we are the scent
Have you heard of musk without scent?
I wait to hold you tight like a harp
And play as lovers' note
If you want to hit the mirror
I will be coming to you with stone and mirror
SAGHI: cupbearer

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