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FICCIONES DE BORGES,Spanish/English/Farsi

"El universo que otros llaman biblioteca,se compone de un numero indefinito,y tal vez infinito,de galerias hexagonales,con ventilacion en el medio."
در مقوله ی زندگی , شعر و هایکوهای بورخس ,نباید طرح های داستانی او را از یاد برد که گهگاه به کوتاهی یک فراز است و نماینده ی برخورد بورخس به داستان کوتاه.
در واقع بورخس به تمام ادبیات به شکل روایت به شعر می نگرد و خود را شاعری می نامد که در فاصله ها قصه نیز می نویسد تا بورخسی ها یا غیر قصه هایش را تکمیل کند که نوشته های دورانی مفرد , یا مفردات  اوست در
چرخه ی زمان , چیزی که تاریخ نام گرفته است یا ادبیات بزرگ  . بورخس این مقولات را با نوشته هایی در باره ی شکسپیر تعریف می کند که به زعم او پیش خدا جای دارد و که می گوید
من که بی هوده این همه آ دم ها بوده ام آرزو دارم یک تن باشم
و باز به گفته ی بورخس صدای خدا از گرد باد پاسخش می دهد
من نیز بی هوده این همه آدم ها بوده ام و آرزو دارم یکی باشم .شکسپیر کار تو را به رویا دید و در میان رویاهای من , تو هستی که چند تایی و هیچ یک ...

Having discussed Borges ' life through his poetry and haiku,one might overlook the fantastic fictions of this great writer of 20th century,also known as FICCIONES.,his short parables of a few pages long,and at times even a paragraph!
FICCIONES are popular personal introductory style of Borges in short story writing and numbering 18 of them in print.
In fact Borges looks at the whole literature as "story telling poem."He calls himself a poet who writes stories in between,and  in him these two genres are supplementing his non-fictions,as BORGESIAN,which is that single cyclic writing in a circle of a time,called history or the grand literature within.He defines it through writing about Shakespear,who stands before God and says:
"I who have been so many men in vain,wish to be one"
and according to Borges again:
"God's voice answered him out of a whirlwind:
I,too,am not I .I dreamed the world as you,Shakespear,dreamed your own work,and among the forms of my dream are you,who like me are many,yet no one".
In Borgesian,as well as Ficciones,Borges came down the Tower of Babel as one or many,and yet no one,to share his fantasy with poets like Shakespear to Whitman.,Pound,Eliot,writers like Joyce(of whom he translated part of Ulysses into Spanish)Poe,Twain,Kafka ,Chekov,the realistic-fantastic Conrad and his mysteries,,and especially Cervantes with his Don Quixote,no matter if he read it first in English,and then indulged to digest it,in Spanish,as no one's imaginary world will take shape without Don Quixote de La satisfy one's appetite for epic,and dreadfull desire for dreams.
Borges once mentioned his works moved from expression to allusion.Expression is what the others are expecting you ,as a young author,to write.It is more for a common reader to be taken to common places and meanings.It satisfies publishers too,who are always after a few pages more.By all means he is immersed in Olde English and prefers "South American Speech"to fast pace of Spaniards and their writers.He dislikes blurring the words and the sounds.He is fascinated with literature and culture of The East.That is how his Ficciones are formed and delivered alongside with Borgesian.

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