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jorge luis borges,whose "life is a quotqtion"
آیا باغ بود یا باغ یک رویا بود

poet,writer,story teller,metaficyionalist,critic of Spanish,Portuguese,French,Anglo-Saxon,Old Norse
b.Buenos Aires,Argentina,Aug24,1899
d.june 14,1986,Geneva,Switzerland

Like Yush of Nima,Shiraz of Hafez and Sadi,Chile of Neruda,Andalusia of Lorca,St.Lucia of Derek Walcot,Dublin of Joyce,Paterson of Wlliam Carlos Williams,Prague of Kafka and...,Buenos Aires belongs to Borges.He did not like Peron and his Argentine version of fascism,similar to Franco,s.He disliked leftist poets like Neruda and lorca who travelled to Argentina in 1930's,but still praised them,also with magic realism of Marquez.He defended Videla,And visited another version of Videla,Peron and Franco in Chile,to say kind words about Pinochet who presented literary award to Borges.By these controversies,Borges denied himself a Nobel Prize in Literature.
Jorge Luis Borges who started publishing poetry and literary journals since age 22,continued writing through short stories and fictions/ficciones.He loved Iran and Persian culture,and in particular fascinated by Omar Khayyam(1048-1131).Interstingly,his father,The , Jorge Borges Translated Robaiyat Khayyam into spanish.
and Borges himself published: El enigma de Edward Fitzgerald ,in Otras inquisiciones,1952.Also:
In praise of shadow/Elogio de sombra,1969
Ajedres/Chess,in El hacedor/Maker,1960
He Once asked:
The themes of Iran/persia and the east,together with tigers,swords and knife fighters,labyrinths and libraries,solitary horsemen and daredevils,mirrors,compassand chess are always present tthrough his works,to make along with dreams and nightmares,theory and translation.Speaking of translation,borges believes that originals are always unfaithful to translationsThe Tower of Babel also fascinates him,as is a passage to talk of translation and liguistics,as well.
Borges in his last piece(1986) wrote:
"The Tower of Babel,which is  one of his ruses God laid flat on the plain,continues  to project its shadow over the imagination of men...It is not impossible that the termTO BABBLE in English and BABBLN
in German drive from BABEL ,and not from the first sounds articulated by children."
As a twofold imagination,Borges quotes a bishop:"The myth of the Tower had its origin in the wonder felt by the nomadic tribes when they saw the temples of Babylon."
Borges ,the author of Buenos Aires Fever(poems,1923),Poems(2010)Ficciones(1944 and 2010),The Aleph(1949),Labyrinths(1962),El informe de Brodie/Dr Brodie's Report(1970, also directed the series
Biblioteca di Babele,an anthology of fantastical tales in thirty volumes.
Jorge Luis Borges ,who married his secretay,Maria Kodman, in april 1986,died of liver cancer in June 1986,in Geneva.On literature,he once said:
"In the order of literature...there is no act that is not the coronation of an infinite series of causes and the source of an infinite series of effects."

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  1. I think Borges was a genious! I've started reading his books since I did Buenos Aires tours last year when I visited Argentina.... And I fell in love with this author... very talented, I totally recommend him =)