Saturday, July 24, 2010

DANIEL SCHORR(1916-2010)

b.AUG 31,1916,NEW YORK
DANIEL SCHORR,who died in George Washington University Hospital at age 93,was a journalist of Watergate generation with Eric Severaid,Charles Krault,Walter Cronkite,Dan Rather,Bob Woodward,Carl Bernstein,among others.He also worked as ABC Moscow bureau chief,CNN News Anchor,and NPR commentator and news analyst to the latest days of his life.
Daniel Schorr was considered a combative uncompromising journalist,who had # 17 place on Nixon's enemy list.His scoops with Khruschef and others made a big name for him as an agressive reporter and interviewer and a modern journalist.
DAN SCHORR once said:
"At least once in your lifetime ,take a risk for a principle you believe in."

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