Monday, May 24, 2010


                                               Painting By Zohreh Khaleghi

Accidental ectstasy
In lost pictures
Gone are cherry blossoms
And the white rose.
A regal silence is broken
By souvenirs and the brown stone heart.
A parade of immitations and real.
We leap to ourselves
From a long bridge.
Your city's loneliness
Itching in your voice
Which is lost like
Cherry blossoms
And the white rose.
Sitting naked in the rain
For rvelation
To see mystic mist
Rising from sculptures of
City Garden,
A parvis.
After meandering the mountain pass
Bleeding in storm
Worthy of regards.
It took a bitter rough road
To the lost word cavern
Then I let her fly away
To the mist of
Tween waterfalls.
Silent mouth unable to live
Or cry
But just ecstasy
An accidental ecstasy
When flying away
And lost in itching voice
Like cherry blossoms
And the white rose.


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