Tuesday, May 25, 2010


JOSEPH BRODSKY,Major Russian Poet and Essayist
b. May 24,1940,Leningrad
d.Jan 28,1996,New York City
Joseph Brodsky,a major Russian poet was smeared in 1964 in a trial for "social parasitism" by social parasites in power.He won the Nobel Prize in literature,in 1987 for :
"all - embracing authorship imbued with clarity of thought and poetic intensity."
Although a political activist,Brodsky's poetry is " language and ,presumably literature."
They "are more more ancient and inevitable,more durable than any form of social organization.The revulsion,irony,or indifference often expressed by literature toward the state is essentially the reaction of the permanent-better yet,the infinite-against the temporary ,against the finite."
Brodsky's final works are:
A Part of Speech,poetry collection,1980
History of 20th Century,1986
To urania,1988
Less Than One,essays collection,1986

Lean over.I'll whisper something to you:I am
grateful for everything : for the chicken cartilage
and for the chirr of scissors already cutting
out the void for me-for it is your hem.
Doesn't matter if it is pitch-black,doesn't matter if
it holds nothing:no ovals,no limbs to count.
The more invisible something is
the more certain it's been around
and the more obviously it's everywhere.You
were the first to whom all this happened,were you?
For a nail holding something one would divide by two-
were it not for remainders-there is no gentler quarry.
I was in Rome.I was flooded by light.The way
a splinter can onlty dream about.
Golden coins on the retina are to stay-
enough to last one through the whole blackout.
Tr.from Russian by the poet

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