Monday, April 19, 2010

LOS ANGELESEE 1-5لس انجلسی برای منصور خاکسار

*LOS ANGELESE(Till you mourn the death...)
Till you mourn the death
You have your tress towards fire
I take the mask off my eyes
Who remain staring at the sun in you
I take the mask off the time

It rains the air of lotus
Drizzles shade on
This mahogany window
Opening and again closing
And coolness of the shade of tree
In the memory of sun.

Till you mourn my death
I have my tress towards fire
But my hands empty
When I become
Without you

LOS ANGELES.Monday,April 2010
( poet ,from:TA MARG RA SHIVAN KONI)

*LOS ANGELESEE(Seeing a moment ...)

Seeing a moment in
Moments of sea
Life is haiku

finale before flight

LOS ANGELES.April 19,2010

*LOS ANGELESEE(I leave with you...)

I leave with you
The tress of fire
I am a peacock again
When I dust off
A piece of my heart

Mourn the death
I took the mask
Off my face now.


*LOS ANGELESEE(Your coming...)

Your coming and becoming
And my coming
to halfway of blossoming
And my becoming
And your coming and your not staying
And my coming and my not staying
And our returning
And distancing
In a grey street
And the road
In mourn.

*LOS ANGELESEE(Till I came again...)

Till I came again
Desire of coming again
Brought you back
With a piece of sun
I brought home
And sun
in desire of our coming

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