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( a prophetic long poem)

Green White and Red
I pass by crossroads of my country
Someone put hand on my chest to stop me
Someone comes from behind
To deny dreams and lights
Flowers of the rug remmember
Fine fingers of pains.
Dreams of the days of secrets
Colors and lies of sleep
A turn around designs
A turn around the turn of the world
- On a thousand roads
A turn around storm
What memories goes to dreams of flower designs in the rug.

Green,White and Red
I pass crossroads of my country
In THE autumn of hatred and violence.

To the desire of vagrant night
I come back from watching your nocturnes.
From other room
In other house
Comes other voice.
Green,White and Red
I come with white blossoms
Now sitting for a moment
On the skirt of plum trees and cherries

Judas- tree of neighbor
A long street
Passing by the window
The road of star and orange blossoms
Renewed beginning of moon
Why did we start
Our den of vagrancy
From the infinity end of sky?

Someone singing in the wind
Someone singing her song
From her wounded throat
In infinity of the wind
And stays in love
Someone is eavesdropping
To sit the new message
On her skin
Someone seeks refuge
Someone in hidden shelterless
Plunders our residence of spring.

Green ,Red and White
In crossroads of my country
I sing
The cold songs of vagrancy
In concealment.

Memories come from gazes
And gazes
The memories
In the context of an unexpected visit
Green,White and Red
In a long street
I walk with the past
Walls and sun-dried bricks and orchard alleys
The city of rockets and war
A silent city
The city of domes and ceramics
An old city

The mountain teahouse
A lonely lone tree
A green road Taking us to the mountain and plain
A tall stature of jungle in the rain
Sitting on our book of poetry
And reains
The green valley of stone
The valley of rain and wild berry
Sweet fields of rice
Rice farmers of wound
The red desert
We wing in fire
Saman of unhedged valleys
The hidden shores
A river seeking the embrace of the sea
Silvery peaks
A hut taken us to oblivion
How torn it is our country in the lovers' eyes
How far you go
How farther we get
Green,White and Red
Tomorrow is a long way
I pass through a long street
I am a vagrant with you in a world of Irani
The old love birds sing

"Green,White and Red
On the rooftop of a peak blows hymn of my country
I fly to other side of stone and tree and earth
I do not stay on the peak"
I sing all these from my book of poems "REVERIES"
Green,white and red
I drive to the city of Gulf
A burnt flag of palm tree
Our statue is blowing in the wind
Someone torturing me
Someone enjoys my suffering
The year of fire and gunpowder and blood
The year of houses we now don't find the ground
The year of carrying the burden of a rock
Breaking our burdens
The year of Amiru ,The Runner
And Bashu,The Little Stranger
Someone coming through the borders
To lay a dagger on my throat
Someone who does not know the name of love
Someone calls me by my name
They break our statues
No one wants our name
Someone seeking our realm of solitude
Someone staring us in greed
Someone honors the furbished dagger
Our escape is without escape
We are vagrants ot our own solitude
We are nocturnal gypsy lovers
We are cries in our strange exile

Green ,white and red
Our statue is blowing strangely in the wind
And the gaze of the world
Finds meanings
In caressing our bodies.


Green,White and Red
My wounds are healing slowly

Here, I am not laying on a high wall
My refuge is in the wind
Who is showing me my home
Anywhere on earth.
My wounds
Are healing
In the wind

I go to rain and sun
To the high stand of your hand
To the ruins of ashes and blood
To earth
To your earth someday in green
And invaded by autumn,the other day

I was born in your seas
I migrated to your high mountains
I lived in a young jungle
Where is my childhood orchard?
Now where is my family?
Why my insignia
Is so ruined?

My old wound
Is healed
By desire for your dreams

Green and
White and

From rebellios shores
To the infinite quiver
I follow the song of tribe
Over the throat of wound

Green and White and Red
I mix my rebels with blood
I grow in the country of sun
And roll through the green of jungle
To the body of river

Gazing gazelles of the rain
On Caspian hores
Thisty fish of Persian Gulf
Taftan is singing sulphorous songs
The gathering peple of sorrow
Wants an auspicious explosion
The shade of palm tree
The shadow of Baluch
A hand towards Kurd and Lor
Towards Turk Tajik and Turkman
A hand beyond fake borders
Cry of Aref in Alvand Valleys
Mystic rapture of Alborz
Old panthers of Zagros
Someone rolls in Araz
And becomes eternal
Someone sings his song of jest
Someone is under house arrest
With Haraz
Comes songs of jungle
Siahkal never stays silent
Zendeh Rud is devoured by the rage of desert
Where this ruined carriage is coming from
And where is it going?
Why so silent
Goes toward solitude
This wandering tribe of dervish?

Green and White and Red
I pass through crossroads of my country
with love

From shade to green
Fluttering of heart makes the legend
There  is always shade and sound
Raising uproar in the legend

Green and
White and
I called your name for calm
On a white tent
The height of cedar
as tall as pride

Your name was the legend of prosperity
Your name
Fluttering palpitaion of blood
And whiteness
Raised your stature
to the sky
In crossroads of my country

In search for universe or red viscera in search for seed and tree
[ from curtain to curtain of my country in search of dream a white truth
[on my fingertips who are searching long for freshness

I pass through crossroads of my country
Green and White and Red

NEW YORK 1370/1991

from:Sabz-o Sepid-o Sorkh/Green White and Red
Poems of 1990-1999
MOJ 1378/1999

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