Thursday, April 29, 2010


Modified 4.30.2010

O companion of lovers
O light of the sky
O moonshine
O lamp of the sky
Brightener of the world
Lips on lips together
We were together and lonely
On the passage way
Fascinated and frentic
Immersed in watching.

Tonight that I am with you
She's gone and the world passed
I run to mountain and plain
To forget that she's gone
With you so many nights
We were there
Free of the world
Lips on lips together
We were together and lonely
Fascinated and frentic
Immersed in watching

Faramarz Soleimani says:
I heard this song with performance and lyrics of an unknown Iranian-Armenian singer,named Vigen in Cafe Shemiran ,Khiaban Ferdosi@Estambol ,with my friend and track and field coach: Mahmud Khaligh Razavi,who happened to be a drummer,as well.He was the most decorated champion of Asia too in 1958 Asian Games of Tokyo,Japan.Vigen ,a guitar player and drummer took this song to Motel Ghu of Noshahr,mazandaran in the summer of 1337/1958,and then to Radio Tehran on friday morning show.Eventually the very same Vigen became the king of the jazz in Iran.This spring,in the company of Mahtab an Rasul Sadighian and friends,we played the song after more than 50 years of its original performance ,and to the memmory of Vigen.We danced and jubilated in oblivion.
Thanks to Mahtab,Rasul,Ida,siamak,Nassim Babak,Haleh ,the Dorudis and other friends and families.
Next time we're going to sing it along in Farsi,English,and dance it through the night,with vigen,Nasser Rastgarnejad,the poet and in memory of Karo,Vigen's brother ,who offered us his poems ,in his book:"Breaking the Silence",in school and in our heart during our lifetime...
This is how the translation of MAHTAB happened and posted in here.

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