Thursday, December 31, 2009

XMAS 1969

hackensack hospital in hackensack ,bergen county,new jersey ,where mina and I first landed in 1969 and then Ida wa was a package of labor nad joy with our cougy,parked in prospect avenue garden apartments,and van saun parkwithin stone throw,and mahvash and behruz broumand right next doorwho's second son varshasb was born in hackensack hospital too,and hosni and dr.firuz sangoul in new york,visiting very often,and maryam and morteza elyaderani in morristown,and dr and mrs saidi saidi to accompany us to delaware water gap.and dr.manughehr rahimparast to start his internship there,and the year after drs.bijan mashouf and nemat mirzabeigi came on board with drs.osanlu,katebiab and jamshid  who all joined us to move to ney york,new york,philadelphia ,washington,d.c.and so on ,and in later years susie and nima,then sam ,tristan,skylar and cristin joined us,so life went on in three continents of the world...and now like barbara streisand and omar sharif of those years I wanna say:
to be continued by poems and pix
Dr.Faramarz Soleimani

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